I recently attended the Sydney Writers’ Festival Live & Local event in Wollongong where I got the chance to speak with author Alan Baxter. Alan read the introductory chapters to his novel Hidden City which immediately set up a grungy backdrop with a clear no-nonsense perspective. He described his writing as dark urban fantasy and … Continue reading ALAN BAXTER AT LIVE & LOCAL



The sun scorched their skin and their muscles thrummed with adrenaline as they ran the last stretch. Adam dug the balls of his feet into the track, his calves taut, and pushed himself toward Hal. The finish line was in sight, the crowds in the stands cheering them on, but he only saw Hal.Hal was … Continue reading HYACINTHS


The radio display warms the interior of the car with an orange glow, and you are the only one on the highway. You’re taking a weird route home—we usually pass this turn off and take the long way—but you’ve taken this turn off that winds through the bush. You’re driving alone, I’m not here with … Continue reading HIGHWAY