Sandy Fussell of the South Coast Writers Centre hosted a travel writing workshop earlier this year and discussed what made a captivating travel piece. To begin the workshop, Sandy spoke about remembering and recording details about your travel time. She emphasised the importance of recording dates and facts, and the things other people have said in conversation or in passing.

Sandy also encouraged to collect all manner of items connected to the place, including photographs and brochures, labels and even flowers.Sandy was adamant about vivid descriptions and including both happiness and conflict to round out the experience. She also stated that, like in all writing, even pieces of travel writing must have a significant and interesting start.

Your beginning must have purpose, write about an intense feeling like fear, restlessness, or overwhelming joy—write about how you lost your luggage in Russia, write about returning to your family in Iran after decades of being apart. Tell your audience a story with purpose, don’t just relish in the experiences you have had. Tell your audience why they should travel, what they will learn and experience, and how all of that will benefit them.


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